Practical Professional Development for Leaders

The Business Education Institute is an Australian Government-approved registered training organisation that provides practical education that builds real career capabilities.

We offer Australian qualifications that are internationally recognised and global certifications, supported with face-to-face, on-demand eLearning and blended learning solutions. We specialise in leadership and management,
project management and behavioural science.

Practical Education in Leadership, Project Management and the Behavioural Sciences

Todd Hutchison ⎪ BEI Chairperson

We are part of the global Peopleistic Group offering world leading experts who are internationally experienced educators and consultants. We believe that educators need to be practicing professionals who have international experience so that they can share wide experiences and deep knowledge.

National Qualifications and International Certification

The Institute is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (National Training Provider Code 51900) that is recognised as an accredited international training provider by the:

Guaranteed High Quality Education

What we offer particularly is:

  • We guarantee our quality of training – if you feel you are not gaining knowledge on your first day – we refund your money no questions asked;
  • You will get access to actual templates as a toolkit to implement learning in your workplace;
  • You will be trained by global practitioners who are internationally experienced and Nationally qualified educators;
  • You will be given access to our monthly business tips;
  • Our courses focus on the people aspects as we believe that success is really all about the people;
  • We can provide customised education, including specialist online training delivery; and
  • You can even extend your training with on-the-job coaching support.

We are serious about education and we believe that the best educators are those who are walking their own talk, so we promise high quality people who work in the areas they teach.

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