Our Academic Board

Our Academic Board members include published authors, and are practicing global experts in their fields. With extension academic and commercial experience, our team ensure the highest level of education is provided that is linked to practical competencies for our learners.


Associate Professor Todd Hutchison, Chairman & CEO

Associate Professor Todd Hutchison is an international bestselling author. He has held both General Director and Academic Director roles in university environments, established Project Management Institute Registered Training Providers and ASQA Registered Training Organisation entities.

In addition to the Business Education Institute, he has worked with the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Notre Dame University, Middlesex University, Deakin University, Victoria University, Fiji School of Medicine, Polytechnic West, Durack Institute, Australian College of Project Management and the Australian Institute of Management. He is an adjunct Associate Professor with CQUniversity, and holds adjunct positions with Edith Cowan University and Curtin University.  He is also on the  MBA academic staff at the Australian Institute of Management.

Todd also served on the Project Management Institute’s international Board of Directors, and is one of the Legal Project Management experts in Asia Pacific, including residing as the Chairman of the International Institute of Legal project Management and President of the Professional Speakers Australia.



Professor Helen Armstrong, Academic Director (Australia)

Professor Helen Armstrong has spent a career crossing both academia and commercial environments. A published John Wiley & Sons author with a impressive array of academic research publications, Helen has taken her risk management expertise into key IT, military and law enforcement areas, including IBM, WA Police Service, West Point Military Academy and Curtin University.

She is an adjunct professorial researcher with Curtin University of Technology, and also on the MBA academic staff at the Australian Institute of Management.


Associate Professor Gary De Rodriguez, Academic Director (USA)

Associate Professor Gary De Rodriguez has worked with educational institutes in Mexico, Australia and the United States, including Edith Cowan University, Santiago State University, Quarto University, as well as private high schools.

Gary has over 30 years of working in the education sector that has led him to train across the globe. His insights into international teaching techniques is invaluable to the Institute, and he operates from the USA.


Professor Ian Rouse, Academic Advisor

Professor Ian Rouse has  significant experience in both academia and industry with a focus on health, leadership and education.   He has held senior academic positions including the acting Vice Chancellor of the Fiji National University, the Dean of the Fiji Medical School, Executive Dean of the Division of Health, Engineering and Sciences at Victoria University, and an Associate Dean of Research and Enterprise Development at Curtin University.

His commercial leadership roles has included General Manager, Chief Information Officer, and Director roles, including his present position as a Director of the global Peopleistic Group.

He currently holds an adjunct Professor role with Victoria University.

He studied at the Harvard Medical School at a post-doctorate level in nutritional epidemiology. Today, he continues to focus on international consulting  specialising in leadership development in the health and educational environments.