Training Module Package Diploma of Project Management
Pathway Recognised Prior Learning (from having a current PMP Certification)
Prerequisites Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
National Code BSB51515
Prerequisites Completion of the PMI Project Management Practitioner certification (please note that the certification must be current)
Designed for Full-time or highly experienced Project Managers
Price $1,297

Support During the Coronavirus Impacts

To support people through the Coronavirus challenge to enhance their professional development and better prepare them for employment or re-engagement, the Business Education Institute is providing a pathway for people that have been working as project managers to get full access to the online training materials, workplace templates and the Diploma assessment at a total cost of $990.

This will enable you to be better prepared for employment or career advancement by having a internationally-recognised Diploma of Project Management.

If you have completed other project management training, a industry certification like the PMI® Project Management  Professional (PMP) and/or are a experienced and fulltime Project Manager, you are likely to be able to gain an internationally-recognised Diploma of Project Management qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework and by the Recognised Prior Learning provisions of the Business Education Institute.

The difference between a certification and a qualification is that certifications require for you to keep maintaining professional development units, however a qualification you get to keep forever. Qualifications are often asked for during job recruitment.

A Diploma of Project Management is the globally recognised qualification for a person experienced as a Project Manager. 

About the Program

To apply for the Recognised Prior Learning process (via the PMP PMP certification) you need to:

  • Provide a copy of your current PMI® PMP certificate to demonstrate you have met the 35 hours of education requirement;
  • Complete the Essay Question requirements to demonstrate your knowledge;
  • Provide a workplace sample of your project work for the following documents: Project Management Plan and a Project Close-Out Report from a project you are currently leading or have authored in the last 2 years;
  • Get a senior manager in your organisation to complete the ‘third party validation’ template (this is part of the application requirements);
  • Provide a copy of a Government issued photographic identification with your full legal name and date of birth (i.e., drivers’ license or passport); and
  • Complete the Diploma of Project Management RPL Application form.

Contact us to get the Diploma of Project Management RPL Enrolment document to get get information on the full Diploma of Project Management RPL Application Process and a sample Project Management Plan template.

Once enrolled and completing the submission, the assessment process can take up to 4 weeks, provided you are responsive to any requests for more information from the Assessor.

What is Recognised Prior Learning

The Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) process is a option to have previous learning recognised as being equivalent to having undertaken a course with the Institute.

The PMI® PMP certification and audit process is deemed to be rigourous and required you to have at least 35 hours of relevant training that meets the PMI requirements. The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) also aligns to the PMI® PMBOK international defacto standard. This means that the Institute can utilise the PMI® PMP certification requirements and its ongoing professional develop unit process to show current and relevant competency from an educational perspective.

The Institute then requires workplace evidence and third party validation to ensure the quality of your meets with the AQF requirements.

Having then validated your educational and practical experiences and the fact that you would be a fulltime project manager or highly experienced project manager, you can be recognised with a Diploma level qualification.

Once having the qualification, you will not be required to maintain any professional development points, as qualifications are issued perpetually.

National Labour Market Information

The Department of Employment provides the following labour market detail related to this training:
Program or Project Administrator (ANZSCO code 511112)

Expected job openings


126,600 persons were employed as Contract, Program and Project Administrators in 2015. Job openings over the next 5 years are expected to be greater than 50,000.

Average weekly full time earnings

Above average

Average weekly full time earnings before tax for Contract, Program and Project Administrators in 2014 are: $1,387. Average earnings for all occupations are: $1,200.

Source: Department of Employment. For full details on Contract, Program and Project Administrators visit Job Outlook.

Stand Out in the Busy Job Marketplace

What the Business Education Institute offers is:

  • Recognition and a validation at a qualification level of your competency;
  • An association with a globally recognised brand and Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation;
  • A National qualification recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF); and
  • An internationally-recognised qualification.

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