Training Module Package Applied Project Management (designed for Project Team Members)
Module Requirements 9 Units
National Qualification Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
National Code BSB41515
Price $1,390 (training only)
Total Packaged Price $2,200 (training, assessment and qualification)

About the Program

This course is for project team members, PMO officers, project administrators, and project support personnel.

Become qualified and start your career in one of the most versatile disciplines in the world – project management. Become highly employable.

This is a comprehensive 3-day practical course that leads toward the Nationally accredited ‘Certificate IV in Project Management Practice’ qualification. It covers all the ten functions of project management and the key tools and terminology. To receive the award you are required to complete the assessment requirements.

What You Will Learn

This program covers:

1. Defining key project management terms;
2. Outlining the roles of people in projects;
3. Explaining the 4 stage Project Life Cycle;
4. Applying scope management;
5. Applying risk management;
6. Applying time management;
7. Applying cost management;
8. Applying quality management;
9. Applying human resources management;
10. Applying procurement management;
11. Applying communications management;

12. Applying stakeholder management;
13. Applying integration management;
14. Project management methodologies;
15. Project management templates;
15. Managing project team meetings;
17. Change management control;
18. Issues management control;
19. Overview of Project Management Office (PMO) functionality; and
20. Overview of portfolio, program and project management.

National Labour Market Information

The Department of Employment provides the following labour market detail related to this training:
Program or Project Administrator (ANZSCO code 511112)

Expected job openings


126,600 persons were employed as Contract, Program and Project Administrators in 2015. Job openings over the next 5 years are expected to be greater than 50,000.

Average weekly full time earnings

Above average

Average weekly full time earnings before tax for Contract, Program and Project Administrators in 2014 are: $1,387. Average earnings for all occupations are: $1,200.

Source: Department of Employment. For full details on Contract, Program and Project Administrators visit Job Outlook.

Program Modules and their Alignment to the National Competency Units

The course includes:

Video Sample

Learn about the 10 knowledge areas of project management.

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