Personal Excellence

Personal excellence starts with understanding yourself and then others. Effective leaders understand the differences between people and the insights into the people dynamics.

The Business Education Institute is a master training organisation to help individuals to become leaders in the marketplace and be able to use the world acclaimed Extended DISC model and all its toolsuite to deliver services directly to their clients that bring sustainable change.

International Accreditation

The Extended DISC tool is one of the most academic validated tools in the world of psychometric tools.

This program allows you to gain international recognition as a behavioural consultant and to be backed by a proven and market leading behavioural profiling system.

A Complete Business Solution

The Business Education Institute helps you achieve and to build a business that provides a complete toolbox to generate income through making a real difference in other people’s lives.

These tools particularly support:

  • Human resource trainers and consultants
  • Performance trainer and consultants
  • Recruiters

Video Sample

Learn about the 10 knowledge areas of project management.

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