Training Module Package:      Manage Projects (designed for Project Managers)

Module Requirements:           12 Units

National Qualification:           Diploma of Project Management

National Code:                          BSB51415

Price:                                          $1,897 (training only)

Total Packaged Price:             $1,897 + $990 = $2,887 (training, assessment and qualification)

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This online course enables you to complete the educational requirements towards the Diploma of Project Management. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for each module that you complete, providing proof of your education prerequisite for the National qualification.

This comprehensive online course provides a package of resources and includes:

  • Text-based educational content;
  • Video content featuring international expert Todd Hutchison;
  • Project templates that gives you the tools to apply in the workplace;
  • Learning assessment questionnaire;
  • PDF-printable Certificate of Completion; and
  • A one hour Skype session with a certified Master Project Coach.

A person completing the Manage Projects course is on their way to international recognition as a Project Manager.

This Course Covers

The course covers:

  1. Defining key project management terms;
  2. Outlining the roles of people in projects;
  3. Explaining the 4 stage Project Life Cycle;
  4. Application of the 10 functions of project management;
    1. – Scope management
    2. – Time management
    3. – Cost management
    4. – Quality management
    5. – Communications management
    6. – Stakeholder management
    7. – Human resource management
    8. – Procurement management
    9. – Risk management
    10. – Integration management
  5. Project management methodologies;
  6. Project management templates and registers;
  7. Managing project team meetings;
  8. Managing the change management process;
  9. Managing the issues management process;
  10. Project Management Office (PMO) functionality;
  11. Return on Investment, Net Present Value and Benefits/Cost Ratios;
  12. Overview of portfolio, program and project management;
  13. Overview of strategic, operational and project planning;
  14. Overview of leadership skills (includes a personal behavioural profile); and
  15. Dealing with and resolving project problems.

Modules and Their Alignment to the National Competency Units

The course includes:

National Labour Market Information

The Department of Employment provides the following labour market detail related to this training:

Detailed Course Fees

The course fees comprise:

  • $1,897 (online education, electronic manual, and templates)
  • $2,887 total packaged price at time of training enrollment for education and assessment (online education, electronic manual, assessment fee, National Qualification and Attainment Statement)
  • $1,250 post-training assessment where the packaged price is not taken and assessment is selected later (Diploma of Project Management assessment fee, including National Qualification and Results Statement)
  • $1,450 Recognised Prior Learning were a person has completed equivalent online training and is seeking recognition for it (assessment of other educational training, Diploma of Project Management assessment fee, including National Qualification – click here for more information.

Our Education Offer

What we offer particularly is:

  • We guarantee our quality of training – if you feel you are not gaining knowledge on your first day – we refund your money no questions asked;
  • You will get access to actual project templates as a toolkit (we are not aware of any other trainer that provides this);
  • You will be trained by a practicing and internationally experienced and qualified PM trainer;
  • Your trainer will have experience running projects in your industry;
  • You will gain National qualifications through our Registered Training Organisation;
  • You can gain National certification through our Australian Institute of Project Management assessor;
  • Your National qualification evidence will be based on your workplace projects to embed the learning;
  • The assessment can include projects you have done in the last two years;
  • You will be given access to our monthly project tips;
  • Our courses focus on the people aspects, as projects are really all about the people;
  • We are the Local Chambers appointed Training Partner (recognised as the leading training organisation); and
  • You can even extend your training to on-the-job coaching.

Experience our Education and Learn About the 10 Functions of Project Management