Training Module Package:      Leadership Masterclass (designed for Leaders and Managers)

Module Requirements:           12 Units

National Qualification:           Diploma of Leadership and Management

National Code:                          BSB51915

Price:                                          $2,997 (training only)

Total Packaged Price:             $3,997 (training, assessment and qualification)

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This comprehensive 6-day course is for board directors, leaders, business owners, managers, supervisors, and management consultants.

Become qualified and claim your career in leadership. It offers a wide level of education across all the key management areas to help you establish and lead a business.

To receive the award you are required to complete the assessment requirements.

This Course Covers

The course covers:

  1. Managing your own time and setting priorities;
  2. How to manage stress and leverage your emotional intelligence;
  3. Establishing governance and policies;
  4. How to recruit, induct and retain staff;
  5. How to manage staff, supplier, partner and customer / client relationships;
  6. How to develop a high performing team, and understand people dynamics;
  7. How to create and deliver a Strategic Plan, Operations Plan and a Project Plan;
  8. How to develop a budget and manage the cash flow of the business;
  9. How to manage corporate and project-level risks and create risk management plans;
  10. How to lead effective meetings;
  11. How to establish and operate a high performing customer service team; and
  12. How to establish and operate a high performing sales team.

National Competency Units

The course includes:

National Labour Market Information

The Department of Employment provides the following labour market detail related to this training:

Detailed Course Fees

The course fees comprise:

  • $2,997 (6 days education, manual, attendance certificate and catering only)
  • $3,997 total packaged price at time of training enrollment for education and assessment (6 days education, manual, attendance certificate, catering, assessment fee, National Qualification and Attainment Statement)
  • $1,250 post-training assessment where the packaged price is not taken and assessment is selected later (Diploma of Leadership and Management assessment fee, including National Qualification and Attainment Statement)
  • $1,450 Recognised Prior Learning where a person has completed equivalent training and is seeking recognition for it (assessment of other educational training, Diploma of Leadership and Management assessment fee, including National Qualification)

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Our Education Offer

What we offer particularly is:

  • We guarantee our quality of training – if you feel you are not gaining knowledge on your first day – we refund your money no questions asked;
  • You will get access to actual business templates as a toolkit (we are not aware of any other trainer that provides this);
  • You will be trained by a practicing and internationally experienced and qualified leaders;
  • Your trainer will have experience establishing and running businesses;
  • You will gain National qualifications through our Registered Training Organisation;
  • Your National qualification evidence will be based on your workplace evidence to embed the learning;
  • You will be given access to our bi-monthly business tips;
  • Our courses focus on the people aspects, as business success is really all about the people; and
  • You can even extend your training to on-the-job coaching.