3-Day Face-to-Face

 International Accreditation for

Extended DISC© Consultant (EDOS and FinxS)

Become Internationally Accredited and Certified

Imagine being able to generate income immediately while really helping people find their natural flow, support their careers and their current performance.

This 3-day accredited training is delivered by international accredited Extended DISC® Master Trainer and behavioural expert Todd Hutchison.

This course covers both the Extended DISC® EDOS and FinxS products.  Both systems use the same theory, however the newer FinxS system allows for more customisation and flexibility, including allowing you to brand the reports with your business logo.

You will have instant credibility by receiving the following accreditation and certification from graduating from this program:

  1. international accredited Extended DISC® Consultant status (EDOS Tool Suite);
  2. international accredited Extended DISC® Consultant status (FinxS Tool Suite);
  3. Behavioural Consultant certification from the Business Education Institute; and
  4. Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) with the International Institute of Professional Consultants at no extra cost (value US$375).

In our program we share deeper insights into the latest neuroscience and psychology knowledge behind success so that you gain the best understanding of how behavioural profiling tools change lives.

Whether you are a consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer or therapist – this is an invaluable toolset to offer your clients, or build on your own human resource department services, or just want to offer more value to your organisation. You can use the tools in your coaching, training, consultancy, professional development reviews and recruitment processes.

How do I make Income from this?

You will be able to instantly generate income from any tools that you use.

You buy them at the wholesale price and sell them at the market price, making a profit on every product the client buys. Most important is that you get to keep 100% of the income generated from the debrief or any training, coaching or consulting that you do. Most coaches embed the tools into their coaching and training programs.

Now let’s see a real example.  You can see on www.peopleistic.com.au that there is a client charge at from $550 for a single online Extended DISC® profile, report and a debrief.  The report is automatically generated from the online profile that takes approximately 15-20 minutes for the candidate to complete. This charge is based on the online Extended DISC® profile and report costing the client $185, and the debrief costing $365.  The wholesale price of the EDOS report was $125, providing a total income after costs of $425.    There are no limits to what you could sell products and package solutions for.   This is a simple illustration of the starting money being made by graduates.  Financial returns on embedding tools into your training programs is far greater.

Wholesale product costs are dependent on changes controlled by the Master license holder HR Profiling Solutions who are located in New Zealand.

What is the Course Cost?

This online accredited training costs only AUS$3,300 and comprises 3 days of education delivered by international accredited Extended DISC® Master Trainer and behavioural expert Todd Hutchison.

The course fee covers:

  • Personal DISC online profile and report (AUS$185)
  • Comprehensive course manual (reference guide);
  • Electronic USB of:
    • Sample reports of all EDOS and FinxS tools; and
    • Consultant templates to help you consult after graduation.
  • Ongoing access to the HR Profiling Solutions’ VIP Page resources;
  • Ongoing webinars from HR Profiling Solutions;
  • Assessment for the Accredited Extended DISC® Consultant; and
  • On successful completion of your assessment:
    • an Accredited Extended DISC® Consultant  certificate from  the Business Education Institute;
    • an  Accredited Extended DISC® Consultant  certificate from  Extended DISC® (EDOS and FinxS);
    • a Certified Behavioural Consultant certification from the Business Education Institute; and
    • a certification from the International Institute of Professional Consultants for at least 3 years.

Effectively this covers all the costs of becoming internationally accredited and having ongoing professional development.

Are there any Ongoing Fees?

There are currently no ongoing fees for being an international accredited consultant (subject to Extended DISC® International not changing their process).

How Extended DISC® works is that you will buy credit points through the Business Education Institute (or our parent entity Peopleistic), and there are no annual membership fees, no affiliate fees and no re-accreditation fees.

Your costs are limited to the credit points you use to buy the products as you go to use them.

This is the most cost effective model for running your business.

What Content does the Course Cover?

The international standard program is 2-days. We will teach you the fundamentals of neuroscience, psychology, and physiology of people as we believe this is foundation knowledge to use the tools in a purposeful way, and run a coaching type business well.  Best of all you will have 3-days in our program and we have not increased the price.  Consider it a 3-day course at a 2-day cost.

This 3-day course covers general behavioural theory, Extended DISC® theory, and both the internationally acclaimed Extended DISC® EDOS and FinxS tool suites.  The modules offer videos on the following topics:

  • Overview of Neuroscience and Pscyhology
  • History of DISC
  • About the DISC Behavioural System
  • About the D Style
  • About the I Style
  • About the S Style
  • About the C Style
  • Team Influences
  • Effective Communications
  • DISC Blind Spots
  • DISC Fear Sensitivities
  • Implications of Using Behavioural Profiling
  • Extended DISC Training
  • Key Applications for Behavioural Profiling
  • Extended DISC® Tool Suite
  • Extended DISC® Profile Graphs
  • Extended DISC® 12 Basic Profiles
  • Extended DISC® Special Cases
  • Extended DISC® Validity Score
  • Extended DISC® Profile Differences
  • Extended DISC® Diamond Design
  • Extended DISC® Role Titles
  • Extended DISC® Energy
  • Extended DISC® Performance Tips
  • Applying DISC to Business Cycles
  • Understanding Client Engagement
  • The International Assessment Process
  • What Ongoing Support is Available
  • Extended DISC® EDOS Personal Profile
  • Extended DISC® EDOS Work Pair Analysis
  • Extended DISC® EDOS Team Analysis
  • Extended DISC® EDOS 360 Analysis
  • Extended DISC® FinxS Personal (Individual) Report
  • Extended DISC® FinxS Multi-Person Reports
  • Extended DISC® FinxS Reasoning Reports
  • Extended DISC® FinxS Team Analysis
  • Extended DISC® FinxS  360 Analysis

What are the Extended DISC® EDOS tools?

The  Extended DISC® EDOS tools include:

  • Extended DISC® EDOS Personal Profile
  • Extended DISC® EDOS Work Pair Analysis
  • Extended DISC® EDOS Team Analysis
  • Extended DISC® EDOS 360 Analysis

What are the Extended DISC® FinxS tools?

The Extended DISC® FinxS tools include:

  • Extended DISC® FinxS Personal (Individual) Report
  • Extended DISC® FinxS Multi-Person Reports
  • Extended DISC® FinxS Reasoning Reports
  • Extended DISC® FinxS Team Analysis
  • Extended DISC® FinxS  360 Analysis

How is Extended DISC® used?

The most popular applications for the internationally acclaimed Extended DISC® profiles include:

  • Personal insight to your optimum performance
  • Recruiting and Selection
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Sales and Sales Management Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Team Development
  • Coaching
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Career and education selection
  • Communication and Inter-personal Skills Training
  • Talent Management

How will I get Internationally Accredited?

All the exercises as part of the 3-day program form part of the overall assessment.

At the end part of the third day there will be a simple test to test the knowledge you would have definitely understood.

At the completion of the course, you will have an assignment that will take up to 1.5 hours to complete that will be the final assessment requirement.

You will be given training resources and sample reports as a toolbox to work with your clients. We also provide some ongoing support after your training to ensure you can take the training knowledge into your business.

What does being an accredited Extended DISC® Consultant mean?

As a accredited Extended DISC® Consultant you will receive a certificate from HR Profiling Solutions (Extended DISC Australasia master licensee), as well as the Business Education Institute. The accreditation is internationally recognised and you will be able to use ExtDISCConsultant and FinxSConsultant as post-nominals on your business cards.

The Business Education Institute also provides a Behavioural Consultant logo for you to use, and you may be eligible to apply for Recognised Prior Learning for some units in the internationally-recognised  Diploma of Leadership and Management.

In addition, and exclusive to our training, you will receive global certification by the International Institute of Professional Consultants at the Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) level.

You can now officially:

  1.  use the logos on your business cards, website and other marketing materials;
  2.  buy the Extended DISC® EDOS and FinxS tools at wholesale prices;
  3.  consult with clients and debrief them on Extended DISC® EDOS and FinxS reports;
  4.  use the tools in your own coaching, consultancy and training programs; and
  5.  access the online VIP pages and other resources as an accredited consultant.

Best of all, you will be significantly changing people’s lives through the use of the tools.

Why train with the Business Education Institute?

The Business Education Institute and Peopleistic (our parent company) work in both the personal and corporate environments internationally (Australia, USA, UK and Singapore), offering you trainers who are also authors, professional speakers and Nationally-qualified educators. You will learn from practicing business professionals who are also certified therapists themselves.

We have published the only book in the world, Humanistic Business, that shows how to apply the Extended DISC® tools int he workplace.

We are also involved in PhD-level research using Extended DISC® tools.

We are also the only entity endorsed as an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) by the International Institute of Professional Consultants and offering you IIPC certification on graduation, as well as the only entity that has incorporated Extended DISC® tools into internationally-recognised Australian qualifications (Diploma of Leadership and Management). 

Our approach to training delivery is also different.  Extended DISC® training globally is normally offered as 2-days face-to-face training for $3,300, however we believe there is some fundamental understanding of neuroscience and people dynamics that one must have to deeply understand the underpinning principles of behaviour. As part of our own ethics, the Business Education Institute conduct a 3-day face-to-face program for the same price as we believe it is important to understand human dynamics and the associated psychology and neuroscience behind the tools that makes behavioural profiling so important. This course is presented as the online course equivalent of our 3-day face-to-face program.

We also explore the deeper insight into the 4-profile DISC model and the 8-profile models reflected in one of the Peopleistic methodology. We believe you need to understand the additional information not provided in the reports, from the natural blind-spots, fear sensitivities and the financial flow of each style. Basically, we do not want you to just succeed – we want you to excel.

The course fee includes an Extended DISC® Personal Profile, manual, one-on-one session with Master Trainer Todd Hutchison, the assessment, registration internationally and the setting up of your unique consultant code. We also offer recognition from the Business Education Institute, a Government-endorsed Registered Training Organisation (RTO).


Our Money Back Guarantee!

The Business Education Institute guarantees the delivery of quality training using world leading experts that can speak with experience in your industry and our training is delivered through text, video and downloadable resources. From the videos you will gain  exposure to the Master Trainer, supported by a live one-on-one meeting with Todd Hutchison.

After your first training day, if you feel this program is not for you and has provided no benefits or new knowledge, you can cancel your training and we will give you your money back.

This gives you absolute piece of mind by knowing you have the option of cancelling your training.

Who is my Master Trainer?

Extended DISC® Master Trainer, Todd Hutchison, is a world recognised behavioural expert.

He is an international bestselling author, with his last book, Humanistic Business, being the only authored book that explains the application of Ext DISC in the workplace.

He has been recognised by the Professional Speakers Association as an awarded speaker, the WA Business News as a pre-eminent business leader, and is featured in the Worldwide Who’s Who Hall of Fame.

He leads the global behavioural performance firm Peopleistic (www.peopleistic.com.au), which is the parent entity of the Business Education Institute.

Todd has some twenty tertiary qualifications across the disciplines of engineering, business, commerce, education, coaching and information technology, and is an internationally certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach, Master Project Director, and Master Project Coach. He is continuing his studies for a law degree and a PhD in team synergy. He has been formally trained in Germanic New Medicine, clinical hypnotherapy, counseling and neuroscience.

He resides as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Medical and Health Sciences.

Todd has been educated by some of the global greats in the medical and mind sciences area, including Dr Edward de Bono, Prof Charles Watson, Prof Ian Rouse, Dr Douglas Price, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispendza, Dr John Grinder, Dr Tad James, Prof Teik Oh,  Dr Adrianna James, Dr Topher Morrison, Dr William Horton, Gary De Rodriguez, Carmen Bostic St Clare, Joseph O’Connor, Chris Howard, Terry McClendon and Alan Parker.

He is now progressing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in behavioural-related team synergy at Curtin University using the Extended DISC® tool suite.   He has used Extended DISC® in therapy, corporate and sports environments.